Designer Bed Linens Help Achieve A Fashionable Look

Sleeping on designer bed linens is a heavenly experience.

Designer bed linens with their high thread count sheets and a down feather comforter topped with a silk duvet, an individual falls asleep fast and feels like they are spending the night on a cloud. While these luxury linens are certainly worth the cost, purchasing them is not possible for some individuals. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get a luxury feel for less.

Layer a bed with crisp white bed linens.

Layers bring texture and a plush feel to a bed. Start with high thread count, white cotton sheets and add a warm, microfiber blanket. Next comes a soft, white comforter, and to top the look off add another blanket at the foot of the bed and several lovely shams. A pop of color is fine, but it is better to stick to one solid color if a look of sophistication is the goal with your designer bed linens.

Use a simple bed skirt to dress up a room.

A box spring is an eyesore in any bedroom, and it distracts from the overall designer look. Dress it up with a bedskirt that hangs to the floor, and center the bedskirt on the box spring. A neutral toned bedskirt that matches the bedding works best. Consumers often find matching bed skirts sold with bedding sets, and this makes it easy to match the sheets and comforter without spending additional money.

Sheets make the bed.

If they are soft and durable, they provide consumers with the comfort needed for a great night of sleep. An inexpensive duvet is easy to dress up, and a few extra pillows make a bed look luxurious, but there is no replacing a great set of sheets. Egyptian or pima cotton offer long threads that are comfortable, and a high thread count equals a durable sheet. Bedding outlets are a great place to find 100 percent cotton sheets at a discounted price.

Place high-quality pillows in pillowcases and budget friendly pillows in shams.

High-quality pillows offer comfort and support. Consumers benefit by making their best pillows the ones they will sleep on, but they can use inexpensive pillows to stuff decorative shams. This is a budget friendly way to dress a bed and make it look high end – a good trick for that designer touch without the price.

Purchase a few designer bedding accessories.

When consumers cannot afford high end bedding sets, they might be able to afford a few designer pieces. Adding a couple of designer shams or a fancy boudoir pillow provides a glamorous effect without the cost associated with purchasing a full set of designer bed linens.

It is easy to add a special touch to basic bedding with a monogram. Monogramming is an at home project for crafty individuals, and it is readily available through retailers across the country. Monogramming sheets or shams provide a sophisticated feel in any space.

When designer bedding linens are out of the budget, consumers can still achieve a sophisticated effect in their room. A few simple steps help individuals to sleep in luxury and enjoy the atmosphere in their rooms without spending a fortune.

Apr 2012
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