Celebrating An Anniversary With Luxury Bedding

An anniversary is a special time to commemorate the love between a man and wife. The couple adorn each other with gifts, and friends and family congratulate the couple with parties, gifts, special words and eloquently written cards. Each anniversary year is represented by a certain fabric, metal or other object, and there are several anniversaries for which luxury bedding is the perfect gift.

Second Anniversary: Cotton represents the cozy feel in a home after two years of marriage. Cotton is also a durable material, and a marriage must remain strong, resilient and durable. Bedding made of 100 percent cotton is the perfect gift for this special occasion. New bedding helps a couple to redecorate the master bedroom, allowing them to refresh a romantically significant space in their home.

Fourth Anniversary: Strands of silk or linen are used to represent the fourth anniversary. In the same way that the strands are woven together to create strong fabrics, the wedding couple is growing stronger. Designer bed linens make a wonderful gift, and they give a couple’s room that special touch of elegance. A love for all things romantic is something that any happy couple will agree about. The perfect gift for that couple is a romantic, silk duvet cover with a bed skirt and matching shams, perhaps even monogrammed shams.

Seventh Anniversary: Wool is a warm fabric, and after seven years together, a couple is experiencing a warm, secure relationship that they can trust in. A merino wool blanket is the perfect gift to mark this occasion. A blanket that is neutral in tone and without decorative accents matches a multitude of bedding sets, and it is a welcome addition to the bedroom because of the warmth and comfort it offers.

Fortieth Anniversary: Ruby is the color of the fortieth year of life together. This lovely color signifies friendship and love, and both are a must for any couple making it to forty years of union. Bedding sets with rich, ruby duvets and intricately decorated shams are practical choices, versus jewelry or ruby colored flowers, as they are useful on a daily basis. Bedding is also something that individuals do not always splurge on for themselves, making it a much appreciated gift.

While luxury bedding is an appropriate gift for these special anniversaries, it is also a great gift to commemorate any other anniversary. Every couple wants to update their bedroom on a regular basis, because updating a room brings a renewed feeling of love for the space. It also revitalizes a relationship to revitalize the home. A wonderful way to update a space is to change out the bedding, and this is a task that couples often want to accomplish, but they do not always budget for. A dear friend or special family member helps a couple to cross this item off their wish list when they purchase a bedding set that matches their style and works with their decor, and that makes bedding the perfect choice for any gift giver.

Apr 2012
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