Choosing Cheap Bedding Is Easier Than You Think

Choosing cheap bedding items keep in mind the functionality of the linens as these actually touch the body. Luxury can be had economically with Egyptian cotton sheets. Paying close attention to thread count will allow comfort and luxury, 600 thread count is about perfect. Mattress depth needs to be considered when selecting fitted sheets.Loft on the comforter can be had in varying depths by choosing high fluffy loft or a heavier dense one.

Custom Bedding Design Tips from Tanner Meyer

Bedding can truly make a difference in creating a rich and luxurious bed. Have you ever seen a really well-put together bed? If so, you know that a lot of thought and investment goes into making a bed “pop”. When designing a lavish bed, there is a lot to consider regarding bedding, fabrics, design coordination, selection, pricing, sources, construction, quality, and more. However, there are three basic elements that are key to creating any amazing bed – functionality, top of bed, and loft.

Functionality: This pertains to the functional pieces that touch the body (i.e. sheeting and blanketing). It is important not to skimp on sheets and blankets, even if they are not generally visible. They are the elements that surround your body and create a luxuriously comfortable sleeping experience. Make sure sheets are high-quality Egyptian cotton, and do get caught up on thread count. The quality of sheets depends on the quality of the cotton, including how it is milled and woven, and a higher thread count does not necessarily equal a better sheet. Ideally, a 600 thread count is best because it feels luxurious yet lets the body breathe. Be sure to purchase fitted sheets that are deep enough for your mattress. Good sheets are a wise investment, and you can extend their life by washing them gently and drying them on low heat and removing them from the dryer just before they are completely dry.

Blanketing consists of coverlets, matelassé’s, or duvet fillers. These should be easy to clean and breathable, and should provide warmth. Some duvets and blankets may contain feather fillings that can irritate allergies, so be sure to consider if that will be an issue.

Top of Bed: This is the part of the bed that is seen, or the “icing on the cake” if you will. Think of it as the ball gown that covers your undergarments. The point is, do not sit on it, use it as a blanket, let the pets on it, or wash it. If you are worried about washable top bedding, they you should not be worried about having a luxurious looking bed in the first place. In most cases, luxury and custom bedding will need to be dry cleaned. The sky is the limit when it comes to the top of your bed. Use your imagination and creativity to select the pieces you love most. The bed can have as many layers and pillows as you want, or can be streamlined and minimalistic. Keep a scrap book or Pinterest account with bedding ideas to inspire you. Just remember, the more layers and pillows you do use, the more time you will spend every day making it up. If you do not have the time, consider a more minimalistic look, and reserve the layered styles for the guest room. Hint: Today’s pillow top mattresses require super queen and super king duvets and coverlets to hang down far enough on the sides. These can only be purchased in a high end retail bedding store or ordered as custom bedding. To finish reading Custom Bedding Design Tips from Tanner Meyer click here.

Having a heavy comforter is warm and snug but it also confines movement that can become claustrophobic after a few hours.

Apr 2013
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