Cheap Egyptian cotton bedding

THREAD COUNT (TC): is the number of threads per square inch both vertical and horizontal in a one-inch square of material. The greater the or TC the softer and more glossy the material and the more durable and less susceptible to shrinkage. It can vary from anywhere between 80-1500. By twisting 2 fibers together mills can increase the count of a material. By turning 3 fibers together they can triple it and so on, so some 1000 tc sheets are actually 330 TC 3-ply or 250 TC 4-ply. The highest that can be woven into a single ply is 1500tc and if you can discover a set of these, then you’ve found yourself a terrific set of sheets (relying on the cotton used).

PLY: Although thread count is extremely important it is not the only element to consider when buying a set of sheets. One need to take into account the kind of cotton made use of and the “ply” of the sheets. The term “ply” describes the variety of single fibers turned together prior to it is woven into a material. Single-ply sheets are woven with long-staple (ELS) cotton fibers for superior levels of quality, sturdiness and softness. These ultra fine yarns of cotton are silkier, softer and more glossy. We made use of the thinnest possible Egyptian cotton yarn woven in the most innovative weaving looms to create a true master piece in beds linens.

The perks of having high thread count sheets is that mills are forced to create much finer threads in order to increase the amount of threads in a square inch (bearing in mind that they don’t also enhance the ply). Finer threads normally lead to a much smoother and softer material. This is the main reason that a greater count fabric is better than a lower. Having finer threads also suggests that the threads are a little more fragile so one should use appropriate care guidelines when cleaning their linens.

To summarize all of it you need to discover a balance in between the thread count and the ply. If you’re trying to find the ultimate in softness then a 300 tc single ply would be best as they offer good quality and are soft and resilient. If you choose a heavier warmer set of sheets which you want to last for many years to come then between 1000 tc or 1500 tc single ply is for you.

Oct 2013