How To Choose Designer Bedding For Your Zen Bedroom

If you want to create a Zen style bedroom, you will have to choose designer bedding that suits the atmosphere. In this article from Home D├ęcor Trends, you can learn what to look for when shopping for Zen style bedding. To make things simple, just remember these three main points:

Stick With One Material

A Zen style bed should be simple, clean and not overly fussy. Choose sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases that all share the same fabric and texture.

Limit Your Patterns

When it comes to patterns in a Zen bedroom, less is always more. Stick with one simple graphic like leaves or flowers splashed across your duvet cover.

Choose Soft Colors

To aid sleep, never choose bright colors in a Zen bedroom. Instead, pick whites, neutral tones or soft greens to evoke nature.

Jul 2013
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