How To Choose The Best Bedding Sets

Appearance isn’t everything when it comes to selecting bedding sets-in fact it probably is the last thing. Comfort, material type, weave, thread count are all more important than appearance. Egyptian cotton is considered a popular material for sheets because it is much more plush and durable.Higher thread count sheets made from Egyptian cotton are considered among the most desirable fabrics for bed linens.

Lavish and cozy Indian bedding sets

Many people are more concerned to the appearance of bedding sets rather than their fabric materials; thread counts, bedding weaves, comfort and durability. There is wide variety of stylish bedding sets that include cushions, pillow covers, pillow shams, quilt or comforter and bed skirt. Usually,the Indian bedding sets are made of natural fibers which are more durable and easy to wash such as 100 percent cotton, polyester, synthetic fibers or blend of two or more fibers. Egyptian cotton bedding is one of the most popular used beddings that offer lavish, soft and cozy feel.

The Egyptian cotton comforters and duvets come with silk finish around the edges that enhance their elegance and feel of the material. This fabric material is relatively very durable and fine than the other kinds of cotton. Even after many wash, it retains the original shape and feels soft. Egyptian cotton is a worthy investment for long run. The higher thread count (300 to 1000 per square inch) makes it smoother and softer. The drapes hang around the edges of bed look very beautiful. There are different types of bedding sets like

• Duvets

Duvets are the important bedding item with thick and lavish quality. It gets you cozy and relaxed sleep by providing warmth. Thin quilts are better option for hot season whereas thick duvets are ideal for winter. These quilts are available in various shapes, sizes, materials and colors.

• Pillows

Pillows are the most decorative item of a room’s interior that can refresh the entire appearance. These hold the head slightly raised that not only enhances blood circulation in the body but provide cozy cushioning as well. To finish reading Lavish and cozy Indian bedding sets click here.

Making your selection as to color and print should contrast with wall shade and tint to enhance the whole bedroom.

Apr 2013
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