Looking For Nice Bedding Collections For Your New Bedroom?

Looking for some nice bedding collections for your new bedroom set?

When looking to change the look of your bedroom you need to start with the bed, keeping in mind that it is more economical to buy a set of linens rather than individual pieces. Color choices should be the first item to consider as color creates different moods. Patterns are secondary as their choice creates an accent to moods and color will always dominate pattern selections.

Top Tips for Buying King Comforter Sets

Confused about how to go about buying King comforter sets? Looking for ideas and suggestions? Here are our top tips.

Buying those types of sets is the fastest way to give your master bedroom an entirely refreshed look. Most King sets will feature at least the comforter, a king size bedding sheet, king shams and two pillow cases, all of which complement each other. It is usually cheaper to buy a set than to buy the pieces individually. The more expensive sets will also feature bed skirts, European shams, and curtains complete with tie-backs. You can take it one step forward by buying a matching rug, drapes, and linen for your other furniture to give your bedroom a complete make-over.

Regardless of what your master bedroom’s current look or styling is, comforter King sets are available in a wide range of brands, textures, styles, colors, and prices. Not only that, you can buy them in a variety of themes from Romance to Sports to Kids to Wildlife! Ashley McBride, Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart, Tempo, Croscill, Southern Textile, Ashley McBride… the list of brands is virtually endless.

Top Tips for Buying King Comforter Sets Need some ideas? You can use a paisley or a modern style if you are looking for a hotel style room, or a patchwork quilt for a more homely feel. Go for embroidery on floral rose prints for a more romantic pulse. Blooms on quilts will give a rustic look. You can try Indian silk comforters trimmed with red for a more oriental feel.

Plaid or orange/yellow floral will create a warm, family feel. You can go for solid pastels in light colors for a more up-beat feel, or in darker regal colors like purple for a more subdued, relaxed mood. Take up playful, loud prints in orange, to go retro, or in blue to go cool! Add a dash of pink and red to your pillowcases to round off the look. Match Mustard Yellow with geometric or animal prints and pillow-cases printed with daisies. Get a King comforter set in green with leaves and vines and make a forest, or go for paisley blues to imitate the sea! Let those colors transport you to far-off exotic places even before you close your eyes!

Of course, with the choice of so many breath-taking color and print combinations, it is easy to forget the quiet elegance of white, grey, or beige. Matte quilts, or silky sheen? The choice is yours. Mix a black and white color combination if your bed has a wrought iron bed stand. Go for brown for a soothing feel.

Bedding Sets Add-Ons

Apart from the basics, you can get plenty of add-ons to ensure that the rest of your suite complements the look of your comforter set King. You can get a bed-skirt or dust ruffles, if not already included in the set, to cover your bed frame. Get drapes and valances to match the fabric and color of your set. You can also opt for wallpapers that match your bed. They can be replaced in a few years along with your bed linen for an entirely new look. You can also get bed four-posters complete with Venetian drapes. Get pillows in different sizes and dress them up in suitable pillow-cases to add a dash of color. Read more…

Another choice is the type of fill to have. Downs and feathers are traditional but polyester is a non-allergenic substitute that can save a lot of wheezing and itching. Another benefit is that polyester is washable.

Apr 2013