Luxury Bed Linens Create A Five-Star Hotel Feeling In Any Room

Luxury hotels offer a unique experience, and they are a preferred choice for travelers across the globe. Upon entering one of these hotels, stress melts away and the guest feels rejuvenated. Individuals are searching for ways to bring that experience home with them, and one way to do so is by purchasing luxury bed linens.

When trying to achieve that hotel feeling, luxury bed linens offering a high thread count, above 500, are best. The softest option is 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton strands are long and dense, and they wrap individuals in warmth and softness during periods of rest. Synthetic materials are a less popular choice of fine hotels, as they pill easily and do not breathe well. This leads to a less comfortable night of sleep, reducing the level of satisfaction expressed by the guest.

Bedding sets in the finest hotels are layered, and that technique can easily be achieved in any home. This effect requires the use of luxury bed linens including one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, a blanket and a comforter or duvet. Neutral shades work well, and crisp white is a popular choice. A consumer can purchase many of these items in one bundle by selecting a high-quality bedding set that contains sheets, pillow cases, shams and a duvet cover. Purchasing 100% cotton is important when selecting a set, as this offers the individual the highest level of quality and comfort.

No bedding set is complete without the use of pillows, and a plentiful supply of pillows is always found on every luxury hotel bed. Pillows provide a comfortable place for heads to rest, and they also offer an elegant, decorative touch to a bedroom. Down feathers are a great choice for a pillow, but synthetic pillows are a better choice for consumers troubled by allergies. A 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcase enhances the feeling of softness, and it improves the sleep experience. A pop of color in a few pillow shams gives individuality to any room while retaining a sense of elegance and sophistication. Replace pillows annually to keep them soft and supportive.

The final touch in creating a bedroom reminiscent of a five-star hotel is to incorporate a throw. A high-quality throw is an essential finishing piece, and it adds color, warmth, texture and style to the room. A throw made from high-quality silk or satin provides a touch of glamour in any bedroom. The throw should compliment the bedding set, but this is the perfect time to add a bit of contrast or bright burst of color.

There are many benefits to a good night of sleep including improved health, increased vitality and high levels of energy. When staying in a luxury hotel, the sleep experience is magnificent, and the guest feels refreshed the next morning. Guests wishing to take part of this experience home with them can create a bedroom worthy of the finest five-star hotel. When consumers pay attention to their bedding sets, luxury is easy to achieve every night of the year.

Apr 2012
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