Luxury Bedding Collections: Perfect Wedding Gifts

Luxury bedding sets make wonderful wedding gifts. Bedding is a necessity in any home, and every couple enjoys starting their life together with a new designer bedding set. When the couple receives bedding as a wedding gift, they often receive pieces that are high-end and more elaborate than they would purchase on their own.

When choosing between several luxury bedding collections for a special couple, it is best to check the wedding registry first. There a guest will find the exact items that the couple is interested in receiving, and the can feel confident that their gift matches the couple’s taste and style. A guest might purchase an entire set, or they might choose individual pieces like sheets, shams or a duvet cover. There are many options available on a registry so it is easy to find a gift that works within any guest’s budget.

If several individuals plan to get together and purchase a more elaborate gift, bedding is the perfect option. One guest might pay for the duvet and another the shams. A third guest could fund the purchase of sheets and a fourth, the pillows or mattress pad. Another option is to have everyone contribute an equal amount of money and pool the money to purchase a designer bedding collection. This makes it easy for the group to purchase higher end pieces that perfectly match the couple’s style.

If bedding is not indicated on a registry, bedding sets are still wonderful gift options. Guests should purchase neutral colored sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers that can be combined with many different items to work with the couple’s bedroom decor. If the guest knows the couple well, items with color or elaborate detailing and design are also options. Funky pieces that show off a couple’s individual style are also possibilities. A bedspread showcasing a much loved hobby, part of the country or theme that a couple enjoys together is a great example. When purchasing an item that is not on the registry, include a gift receipt so the couple can easily exchange the item if it does not meet their needs.

For a special touch, have some of the items in a bedding set monogrammed. Two decorative shams with the couple’s initials offer a personal touch to any bedding gift, and they increase the high end look of the bedroom design. High-quality sheets also monogram nicely, and they are useful and practical gifts. Guests should, however, keep in mind that monogrammed items are typically non-returnable, so this type of personalization works best when the guest knows the item is one the couple will want to keep.

When considering luxury bedding collections, outlets offer great shopping options. Outlets provide shoppers with a fantastic selection of products and discounted prices. Many famous designers, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Tommy Bahama, have products in outlet stores. Online outlets often ship purchases directly to the couple’s home, and that is a convenient option for individuals who will not be attending the wedding or are trying to pack lightly for a long trip to the wedding location.

Bedding is the perfect gift for a newly married couple. It is both personal and practical, making it an easy gift for any couple to appreciate when they are starting their life together.

Apr 2012