Luxury Bedding The Eco-Friendly Way

Consumers are making eco-concious choices in increasing numbers throughout the world. When it comes to sleep, those eco-concious choices come in the form of bedding. Finding bedding sets that are comfortable, practical and environmentally friendly is easier than ever before. When consumers know what to look for, they can make choices that provide their families with peace of mind without sacrificing style.

Eco-friendly bedding choices are as good for families as they are for the environment. When making green sleeping decisions, families are reducing their exposure to petroleum, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals commonly used in the production of traditional bedding sets. This reduces exposure to allergens, and it can improve the health of vulnerable individuals too.

The first thing that environmentally concious consumers should look for in bedding is a certified organic seal. Products with this seal are guaranteed to be cultivated with little or no harm to the environment, and they are less likely to receive moth proof treatments or finishings with other chemicals. Labels containing the words “natural” or “green cotton” do not assure consumers of the same eco-friendly standards, as these words are not regulated by the government, and there is no criteria for placing them on a package.

Once a consumer finds a good selection of certified organic bedding sets, their next choice is fabric. The most popular, and common, luxury bedding fabric is 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Cotton is durable, warm and comfortable. However, cotton is not the only option. In very cold climates, hemp is another great bedding fabric. Hemp offers a thick layer of insulation, and it is durable and moisture resistent. For individuals prone to night sweats, bamboo offers both antibacterial and moisture resistant properties. Another organic option is wool. Wool is antibacterial, light weight and warm. Some of the highest quality blankets are produced using wool.

Individuals seeking more ornate, decorative luxury bedding often ask about the detail and color involved in creating those sets. When it comes to making eco-friendly choices, detailing that has been hand painted with water-based, nontoxic dyes are offer the best options. Some manufacturers use vegetable or fruit based dyes, and some even harvest the plants that those dyes come from using organic practices.

Once a consumer brings home their organic bedding set, it is important that they treat the set correctly. It makes little sense to purchase an organic product, bring it home and treat it with harsh chemicals. Consumers should spot treat stains on washable fabrics with a mixture of vinegar and water. Hanging the sheets or blankets in the sun is another natural way to get rid of stains. When it is time to launder the bedding, a natural, phosphate-free detergent is recommended.

Eco-conscious living is a popular trend among consumers. In living a green lifestyle, consumers are choosing to purchase environmentally friendly products that have a minimal impact on society. When it comes to eco-friendly luxury bedding, there are many options. With a little education and some conscious decision making, it is easy for any family to make environmentally friendly choices.

Apr 2012
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