Shopping for Discount Bedding Collections

Consumers want bedding that is high-quality, durable, comfortable and inexpensive. The inexpensive part is the most troubling, as most consumers believe that spending a lot equates to getting high-quality bedding sets. While price is sometimes a factor in the quality of bedding, it does not have to be the deciding factor. Great bedding is easy to find at a discount or in an outlet. In order to do so, a consumer just needs to shop with a keen eye and some simple tips in mind.

When shopping for sheets, the thread count is an essential component in determining the quality. Thread count tells a consumer how many individual strands were used to create each square inch of the sheet. Most packages will indicate the thread count, and consumers should choose the highest thread count that their budget can afford. If the package does not indicate the thread count, holding the sheet up to a light is beneficial. A higher thread count sheet will not let light shine through. Consumers can also scratch the sheet with their fingernail. An inferior sheet will pill when scratched lightly.

When it comes to blankets, consumers receive the highest quality by purchasing merino wool. Merino wool is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so it provides a comfortable night of sleep in every season. Wool blends are also good options. While the quality is not as high with blends as it is with merino wool, the price is lower. Blends are also usually machine washable, while merino wool must be dry cleaned.

Consumers who own queen sized mattresses can save money by purchasing a full sized bedding set. Full sized sheets and comforters easily fit a queen sized mattress, and they are priced significantly lower than a queen sized set. The only stipulation to following this rule is to make sure the mattress is not a deep, pillow top. If that is the case, the full set might not fit.

A great way to add glamour to a bedroom, without spending a fortune, is to increase the number of pillows on the bed. Pillows add a decorative element, and they can also add color to more neutral bedding. Designer shams stuffed with inexpensive pillows are a great option. These pair well with discount bedding collections, and they allow consumers to save a lot on their overall purchases.

Finally, consumers can save a significant amount on high-quality bedding by purchasing bedding sets. Discount bedding collections are sold as a package deal, and they contain sheets, pillowcases, a duvet cover or comforter, shams and a bed skirt. Sets are available in an array of colors, and they are typically available in sizes to fit any bed. By choosing this option a consumer can save 50 percent or more versus the cost of purchasing individual bedding pieces.

Savvy shoppers know it is not necessary to sacrifice quality for budgetary reasons when shopping for bedding. By understanding a few basic rules and shopping with cost in mind, a consumer can purchase high-quality bedding items without spending an excessive amount of money.

Apr 2012