Staging A Home With The Help Of A Designer Bedding Outlet

The value of a beautiful master bedroom cannot be over emphasized when an individual is selling a home. A spacious, attractive and welcoming master bedroom invites buyers in, and it helps them to feel a connection with the home. While it is not practical to completely design a bedroom when selling a home, there are some simple and inexpensive steps that individuals can take to improve this space.

A neutral bedroom is a bedroom that appeals to both sexes, and it has a sophisticated feel. Sellers who add neutral colored sheets, comforters and blankets to their beds achieve this appearance. Purchasing bed in a bag products, also known as bedding sets, is a great way to achieve this look without spending a fortune.

Adding a little color is a step recommended by many professional Realtors. Color brings light and life to a room, and it is gives a house visual appeal. For buyers who are not willing or able to paint a room, a new bedding set can do the trick. Buyers can visit their favorite designer bedding outlet and pick out a new throw blanket in a popular color, like sunset orange or chartreuse, to accent a neutral duvet cover for a minimal cost. The result is an updated look that attracts buyers.

When staging a room for sale, Realtors recommend sellers create a subtle theme. Popular bedroom themes include a beach or organic look. A beach theme is easy to achieve with crisp white linens, aqua colored shams and light blue pillows. Add a few seashells to a bedside table to complete the look. An organic theme requires the use of earth tones, including various shades of green and brown. A few wild flowers in a glass vase complete the look.

Sometimes bedding sets are not cost effective purchases for sellers to make. Sellers are often working with a tight budget, and they want to save money for their new home. When this is the case, adding a few decorative accents serves the purpose of upgrading the space. If a budget of $100 is permissible, the buyer can purchase a couple of new shams, a bedskirt, a bedside lamp and a couple of pictures for the room. When these purchase are high in fashion, and sophisticated in appearance, they can change a space.

A clean space is a welcoming space, and sellers should always keep their bedroom space as neat as possible. Bed linens require regular washing, and curtains benefit from a one-time dry cleaning before the house is placed on the market. Daily dusting also makes the space look fresh, as does vacuuming right before a showing. For a finishing touch, a linen scented spray, purchased at a designer bedding outlet, refreshes the space.

A master bedroom is an important space, and it is one that buyers pay attention to when searching for a home. Staging the master bedroom in a subtle yet elegant way helps a home to sell faster and for a higher cost. This is the goal of every seller.

Apr 2012
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