The Process Of Creating Luxury Bedding Sets

There are many standards in the world of bedding, and selecting the right standard makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying a great night of sleep. Luxury bedding sets are top of the line, and they offer superior comfort, durability and beauty. Some ask why high end, designer bedding sets are so luxurious. To understand, consumers need only look at the materials and methods used to create these products.

The first term that consumers need to understand when it comes to bedding is thread count. Thread count is the number of threads used to create each square inch of the bedding. A higher thread count results in a product with a tight weave, and that weave results in a product that is comfortable, durable, and resistant to shrinking.

Percale is another term found in luxury bedding sets. Percale means the fabric is medium weight and tightly woven. This fabric is typically machine washable, making it a practical choice in bedding. Percale fabrics are low gloss and soft to the touch. The finest luxury bedding is made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton percale. LULU DK and Seffera Linens are well known designers who offer percales.

High-quality bedding products offer jacquard weaves. This weaving design originated in France, and it provides precise and consistent patterns. Many different materials are woven using the jacquard weaving method, and they include cotton, velvet and silk. Jacquard woven products offer intricate designs, rich color pallets and a soft texture. Lia Jacquard is a famous line that is well known for using this method of weaving.

Individuals looking for the softest bedding benefit by purchasing sateen cotton sheets. The sateen process happens when cotton is combed or carded, and it is then placed in an acid bath. The fabric is dyed after the acid has dried, and this leads to a durable finish. The sateen process is complete when the satin stitch method is used to create a lush finish. This fabric is machine washable, and it drapes well on any bed. Ralph Lauren and Royal are among the many designers offering sateen sheets.

The comfort of bedding is important, but the rich colors and detailed designs are what really makes luxury bedding stand out. Two dyeing processes are used in luxury bedding, and they are yarn dyeing and piece dyeing. With yarn dyeing, raw yarn is spun on a spindle. The fibers are then loosened, and dye can easily penetrate them. Piece dyeing involves dyeing an entire sheet after the weaving process is complete. Both of these methods result in lustrous colors that last, but that only happens if time and patience are in play during the dyeing process. Low end sheets are dyed with similar methods, but what is lacking is the time and patience. When this happens, the end result is colors that run and fade with time.

There are many benefits to purchasing luxury bedding sets. Consumers enjoy a great night of sleep in a beautiful room when they make these choices. Fine materials, specific weaving techniques and a dyeing process involving patience and care all combine to create these visually stunning and incredibly comfortable pieces.

Apr 2012
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