Tips To Help You Choose Safe Bedding For Your Baby

The selection process for newborn bedding includes many considerations such as comfort, durability and ease of maintenance. Comfort is important because baby is always kicking and moving around, doing this on abrasive economy sheets will certainly result in irritation. Organic fibers are not as apt to be loaded with chemicals and will not irritate as much as man-made textiles.Fit is an important consideration for safety sake. Loose fitting bedding can get wrapped around baby as he squirms and can injure.

4 Tips for Choosing Safe Baby Bedding

There are lots of exciting things about expecting a child; one of the highlights for many parents-to-be is setting up the nursery. A lot goes into this—you need to think of a theme, colors, furniture, supplies and loads of other stuff. Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping, and choosing a crib and bedding is one of the more important purchases. This is one area where safety has to be your number one priority.
Fabric Selection

Baby bedding comes ina variety of fabrics, and when it comes to the health of your baby, some are better choices than others. Their skin is very sensitive and delicate and you want to choose bedding that will not irritate their skin, which is more vulnerable to allergic reactions and infections. Synthetic materials contain a host of chemicals that can cause irritation and discomfort. Your best bet is organic products that are free from chemicals and acids. Organic baby bedding is typically made from either cotton or bamboo. If you are interested in bamboo, choose products carefully. Even though it is an organic material, often times, bamboo products can be laden with chemicals that were used in transforming it from a grass to bedding material.
Tight-Fitting Sheets

Tight-fitting sheets are a must. You do not want them coming loose, which would pose a suffocation hazard to your baby.A good-fitting sheet will also not wrinkle or crease, which can also obstruct breathing; tight-fitting linens can be tricky if you have not used them before, and if it takes two sets of hands to get it on the bed, that is a good sign that you have the right type of sheet. Ready more…

Take your time and buy the best baby bedding you can afford and it will pay off for you for generations.

Apr 2013
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